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Serving the people of Richardson and the RISD.   Empowering voters.   Defending Democracy.

Date: 2/1/2022
Subject: LWVRichardson February 2022 Newsletter
From: LWVRichardson

Vol. 61, No. 7                                  February 2022                               Editor: Diana Lace
Inside this Issue
New Member Orientation
Nominating Committee for 2022-23 slate
VOTE411 onlline Voters Guide is live
Local Program Planning Meeting
Discussion Group - Feb & March
Civic Action/Be Informed
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Key Dates in February 2022
 5 - LWVR New Member Orientation, 10am, Zoom
 8 - Local Program Planning Meeting, 7pm, Zoom
10 - LWVR Discussion Group, 7pm, Zoom
14 - 1st Day Early Voting in Primaries
18 - Last Day to Apply for Ballot By Mail for March Primaries
 18- Last Day to apply for place on May 7 Ballot
25 - Last day Early Voting in Primaries
March 1 - Election Day - Primaries
All League of Women Voters of Richardson Newsletters can be found at 

By Nita Thomason, Membership VP                       

New LWVRichardson members, take note. We are having a meeting just for you.
This coming Saturday, February 5 at 10:00 a.m., we will be hosting a Zoom meeting giving you the nuts and bolts of League Membership. We hope that you will plan to attend and are asking that you rsvp to me at to let us know whether you will be at the meeting.
You will learn about how the League operates and hopefully discover ways that you can get more involved. We are entering a very busy time for the League with the upcoming elections and we need all hands on deck. Most of our local Board will also be in the meeting, so this will be an opportunity for you to meet Board members that you haven't yet met.
The Zoom link will be sent via email to all new members.
 Want to serve on the LWVR Board?  Want to serve on a Committee?
The Nominating Committee (NomCom) is beginning to produce a slate of officers and directors for the 2022-2023 League year. The slate will be voted on at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.  Members of the committee are Marcia Grau, Pam Wren, Virginia Marsh, and Nita Thomason.
All members interested in being more involved in LWVR should fill out the NomCom survey.  The survey is posted on our online Members Only page. (Go to our web page and click "Member Login".)  Hover over the "For Members" tab and then click on "Surveys" to find the "Nominating Committee" survey. Please fill out this survey by February 14, so the Nominating Committee can determine who is interested in serving on our local board. 
If you have any questions, please conact Nita at
LWVTexas Convention is April 8-10
The League of Women Voters of Texas 2022 Biennial Convention will be April 8 - 10 in Austin. Our League can have six voting delegates and we are looking for members interested in attending.  The League is the only true grassroots organization focusing on empowering voters and defending democracy.  As a grassroots organization, the members are responsible for the guidance and oversight of the organization and the biennial convention is the vehicle for that to happen.
The convention tasks are to:
  1. nominate and vote on the Texas League's leadership, the Board of Directors;
  2. review and vote on the budget; and
  3. review and vote on Texas League program updates.
If you are interested in attending, email

VOTER SERVICE                                        
There is too much important information about voting in the March 1st Primaries to include in this VOTER.

Check our website often for information.  As always, the information LWVRichardson provides is factual and nonpartisan. 
LWV's  online Voters Guide (VG) is live for the March 1, 2022, Primaries!  Input your address,  choose which party (Democratic or Republican, or 'all') that you are interested in, and click 'Go To My Races'.  All the races that will be on your ballot (for the party you requested) on March 1st will be listed. Home Page
Click on the position you are interested in.  For example, if you choose 'Governor',  all candidates running for Governor for the party you selected will be listed. 
  • You may click on a candidate's name to see how they answered the Voters Guide questions.
  • You may choose 2 candidates to compare their VG responses side-by-side.
Note:  All candidates were invited to participate in the VOTE411 Voters Guide, both online and in print. If a candidate does not have a response listed, that candidate did not respond to the question.
The printed version of the VG for state and Dallas County races should be available around February 8th.  Early voting in person begins February 14th.
LWVR needs your help with upcoming school Board of Trustee elections!  Please be on the lookout for issues and public comments to help us formulate candidate questions for the Voters Guide.  Email with potential questions.

By Marcia Grau, Education and Advocacy VP                  
Local Program Planning (LPP) is the annual procedure to ensure that LWVRichardson's positions are kept current.

Phase 1:  Take the Survey. You may still take the survey until 6:00pm on Friday, February 5, 2022.  The survey is posted on our online Members Only page. (Go to our web page and click "Member Login".)  Hover over the "For Members" tab and then click on surveys to find the "Local Program Planning 2022" survey. 

Phase 2:  LPP Meeting on February 8, 2022, 7pm, via Zoom.  Phase 1 input will be collated into a comprehensive report and presented at the LPP Meeting.  Please join us at the LPP meeting whether or not you completed the survey.  We value your input.
This meeting will help lay the groundwork for the LPP presentations at the Annual Meeting.
These discussions are not limited to members of the League! Please invite others to participate. If they would like to be on the mailing list for Discussion Group information please have them contact me at  

On February 10 at 7 pm, Ruth Mintline and Annette Lott will lead a discussion about the Galveston chapter in the book How the Word is Passed by Clint Smith.  The group will meet via Zoom.  Get the Zoom link.
Although I found the book to be a valuable viewpoint and a great read, I needed a reminder of what that chapter covered. If you do also, take a look at this:  Celebrating Juneteenth in Galveston

Mark your calendar!
On March 10th, we are planning a discussion centered on Disinformation. We hope to offer techniques to detect and avoid being drawn into its vortex.  This will be a very timely topic, given there could be 4 elections between March and June.
Here are a couple of suggested articles to prepare for the March discussion:
For April we want to organize a field trip to Bonton Farms!   Located at 6915 Bexas Street in Dallas, it is open from 7 am - 3 pm Monday - Saturday, although the Farmer’s Market is 9 -3 on those days.
Here is a little background about how Bonton Farms got its start:  The Rogue Shepherd
Bonton Farms

By Keith Burgess, Communications VP            
1.    Website update – Our website ( has recently been extensively updated with information about new voting laws and the upcoming March 1 Primary Election.  We will continue to update with timely information as it becomes available.

2.    New website sections – In addition to election information, did you know we have added a “Civic Action” menu section where you can find information on current advocacy efforts at the national, state, and local levels?  We also have a "Be Informed" menu section where you can find general items of current interest. Be sure to continually check our website for new information.


3.    Facebook – our Facebook page ( has been updated quite a bit lately.  If you have not already done so, go to the page, click on the box with the three dots (…), and “Follow” our page.  This will allow you to see timely announcements and important election news when you log into Facebook.  If our members will “Like” and “Share” our posts, we can reach a lot more voters in Richardson and the RISD.

4.  Twitter – Make sure to 'Follow' us on Twitter by going to; search on @LWVRichardson;  hover over our name (LWV Richardson) in one of the tweets that show up, and click on 'Follow'.  Make sure to 'Like' us on Twitter by clicking on the heart underneath one of our Twitter posts.  

The League of Women Voters of Richardson relies solely on contributions made by local community residents and businesses.

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