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Date: 12/1/2021
Subject: LWV-Richardson December Newsletter
From: LWV-Richardson

Vol. 61, No. 05                                 December 2021                               Editor: Diana Lace
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Key Dates in December, 2021
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By Ellen Steger, President                                              

LWV-Richardson is very thankful for each and every one of its members and contributors.  I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
For the Richardson League, December is a little quieter.  We can use this time to rest up to be ready for the election season next year.  If you live in certain districts of the Richardson ISD, you may have 5 elections in 2022!
I hope you will join us for our December Social on Saturday, December 4, at 6pm.  See below for details.
There are many holidays and celebrations in December (including National Call a Friend Day on December 28!).  May you enjoy each of them!

By Nita Thomason, Membership VP                       

League Members, mark your calendars for December 4th!
Did you know that two of our members - Jean Richards and Chuck Lace - are part of the Richardson Community Chorale?  So, for our December Social, we thought it might be fun to go out to eat and then go to the Eisemann Center for the Holiday Classics Concert by the Richardson Symphony Orchestra and the Richardson Community Chorale.
We'll go to Good Union BBQ at 6:00pm in the west City Line area, 1150 State Street. Then after we eat, we can drive the short distance to the Eisemann Center and enjoy the music. Purchase tickets here.   Tickets range from $20 to $80.
Hope you can join us for either or both parts of what promises to be a great way to kick off the Christmas season. 

By Mark Solomon, Voter Service VP                     
All eight of the State of Texas Constitutional Amendments passed in the November 2, 2021, election. Statewide, about 9% of eligible voters cast a ballot.  Each amendment passed with 59% or more of the ballots cast.
All five of the City of Richardson bond propositions passed, with at least 69% of the ballots cast.

By Marcia Grau, Education and Advocacy VP                  
The November discussion topic was  When Dallas Was the Most Racist City in America.  LWV-Richardson's Voter Registration Director Pamela Wren did a great job in leading the discussion.

We are taking a hiatus until after the holidays but the Discussion group will meet again January 13, 2022, at 7pm, via Zoom.  We will look at 2 articles in D Magazine

On February 10, 2022, Ruth Mintline and Annette Lott will lead the discussion of  the Instant #1 New York Times bestseller How the Word Is Passed by Clint Smith. Although the entire book has outstanding reviews, we will narrow the focus to one chapter. This may be the one about Monticello but Ruth and Annette will decide in January.

The proposed topic for March 10, 2022, is a look at what is driving the current high incidence of school board protests nationwide.   We lack a moderator and hope to find someone this topic speaks to and who will volunteer to direct the discussion.

On April 14, 2022, we plan to take on a National Public Radio (NPR) documentary.The Bonton + Ideal: a Dallas neighborhood Stories Film.
And for May 12, 2022, we hope to organize a field trip to Bonton Farms! The progress they have made and their contribution to the community is an amazing story that continues to grow.

I hope everyone is enjoying these discussions as much as I do and I anticipate seeing new faces join us in the New Year!  Invite a friend!

The League of Women Voters of Richardson relies solely on contributions made by local community residents and businesses.

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