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Personalized online VOTERS GUIDE

Where can I find VOTERS GUIDE responses from candidates on my ballot?

All VOTERS GUIDES produced by the League of Women Voters allow all candidates to answer questions on the issues in their own words. We are a nonpartisan organization. We never support, oppose, or endorse any candidate or political party.


League of Women Voters VOTERS GUIDE information in the Primary Elections will be available on the website before the beginning of Early Voting.

To use this website, click on the link above, then fill in your address on the VOTE411 website. On the next page, click on "Get personalized information on candidates and issues." You may then see candidates' responses to the League of Women Voters questionnaires for the Primary Elections.

The VOTE411 website tailors the races you see to your voting location, so you do not have to figure out which county you live in or which races will be on your ballot. VOTE411 also allows you to compare candidates' responses side-by-side.