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Where can I find printed and printable LWV VOTERS GUIDES?

All VOTERS GUIDES produced by the League of Women Voters allow all candidates to answer questions on the issues in their own words. We are a nonpartisan organization. We never support, oppose, or endorse any candidate or political party.

All of the content of the VOTERS GUIDES listed below is also available in the online VOTE411 VOTERS GUIDE.

Printed and Printable VOTERS GUIDES

Dallas County

A VOTERS GUIDE produced by the League of Women Voters of Dallas is now available. This VOTERS GUIDE includes the content of the Pro-Con VOTERS GUIDE produced by LWV-Richardson on the RISD Tax Ratification Election.

Copies of this printed VOTERS GUIDE are available at:

  • The Richardson Library
  • The Richardson Civic Center
  • Heights Recreation Center
  • Huffhines Recreation Center
  • The Richardson Senior Center

A printable pdf version of the Dallas County VOTERS GUIDE is available here.

Collin County

Printable pdf VOTERS GUIDES for Collin County races are available on the League of Women Voters of Collin County website.