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VOTERS GUIDES for the May 6, 2017 Election

Where can I find candidates' answers to questions about the issues?


The first VOTERS GUIDE, an online version, contains the candidates' photographs, biographies, and answers to about twenty questions. No word limits were imposed by the League on the responses in this VOTERS GUIDE (other than those questions that also appear in the printed VOTERS GUIDE).

League of Women Voters VOTERS GUIDE information for the May 2017 election is now available on the website.

To use this website, click on the link above, then fill in your address on the VOTE411 website. On the next page, click on "Get personalized information on candidates and issues." You may then see candidates' responses to the League of Women Voters questionnaires.

The VOTE411 website tailors the races you see to your voting location, so you do not have to figure out which county you live in or which races will be on your ballot. VOTE411 also allows you to compare candidates' responses side-by-side.

VOTE411 covers races for both Dallas and Collin County residents of Richardson.


The second VOTERS GUIDE, a printed version, contains information about the election, voting, and candidate forums.

In addition, it contains the candidates' photographs and their answers to four questions. The candidates' responses to the questions in the printed VOTERS GUIDE meet word limits imposed by the League due to space considerations.

Copies of the printed VOTERS GUIDE are available at:

  • the Richardson Library
  • Fretz Park Branch Library
  • Forest Green Branch Library
  • Audelia Road Branch Library
  • Huffhines Recreation Center
  • Heights Recreation Center
  • Richardson Senior Center

The printed VOTERS GUIDE is also available as a printable pdf version here.

Collin County printed VOTERS GUIDES

The League of Women Voters of Plano / Collin County has produced printable VOTERS GUIDES covering contested races in the Plano ISD Board of Trustees (PISD) and Collin County Community College District Board of Trustees (CCCCD) elections. These two VOTERS GUIDES are now available on their website. Click on the word "Plano" to view responses from candidates for PISD, and on the words "Collin College" to view responses from candidates for CCCCD.

Richardson voters who live in Collin County will vote in those two Trustee elections as well as the Richardson Mayor and City Council election and a Collin County Community College Bond Election.

League Policy

From time to time, other groups may reference our candidate forums, VOTERS GUIDEs, and/or press releases. The League of Women Voters of Richardson is not in any way affiliated with non-LWV organizations. We never support, oppose, or endorse any candidate for office.

A longstanding agreement exists among the Local Leagues in the area that:

  • The League of Women Voters of Richardson (LWV-R) is responsible for elections involving the Richardson City Council and the Richardson ISD Board of Trustees;

  • LWV-Collin is responsible for elections involving the Plano City Council, Plano ISD Board of Trustees, and Collin County Community College Board of Trustees, among others; and

  • LWV-Dallas is responsible for elections involving the Dallas City Council and Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, among others.

All three Leagues contribute to the Voters Guide questionnaires that appear on the LWV VOTE411 website.

Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News has produced an online Voter Guide in which candidates answer questions from the Editorial Board. It is available on the Dallas Morning News website. Full access to this guide is available only to online subscribers to The Dallas Morning News.

We are providing a link to this Voter Guide because it is a good source of information, presented in the candidates' own words. The League of Women Voters is not affiliated in any way with the Dallas Morning News, and we DO NOT EVER endorse any candidate for office.