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Where can I find candidates' answers to questions about the issues?

League Policy

From time to time, other groups may reference our candidate forums, VOTERS GUIDEs, and/or press releases. The League of Women Voters of Richardson is not in any way affiliated with other organizations. We never support, oppose, or endorse any candidate for office.

Two different VOTERS GUIDES

The League of Women Voters of Richardson has produced two VOTERS GUIDES for the May 9, 2015, Richardson Mayor and City Council election.

Only Places 1 and 4 are contested in the May 2015 election, but candidates for all 7 Places were invited to submit responses to the VOTERS GUIDES.


The first VOTERS GUIDE, a printed version, contains information about the election, voting, and candidate forums.

In addition, it contains the candidates' photographs and their answers to four questions. The candidates' responses to the questions in the printed VOTERS GUIDE meet word limits imposed by the League due to space considerations.

Copies of the printed VOTERS GUIDE are now available at the following locations:

Richardson Library
Senior Center
Heights Recreation Center
Huffhines Recreation Center
Dallas Chinese Community Center
Islamic Association of North Texas

The printed VOTERS GUIDE is also available as a printable pdf version here.


The second VOTERS GUIDE, an online version, contains the candidates' photographs, biographies, and answers to twenty questions. No word limits were imposed by the League on the responses in this VOTERS GUIDE.

Each candidate's responses are contained within a printable document. To view a particular candidate's responses, click on his or her name from the list below.

Note that only two races in this election are contested.

The candidates for Richardson City Council (Places 1-6) and Mayor (Place 7), in ballot order, are:

Place 1

Place 2 Place 3 Place 4 Place 5 Place 6 Place 7 (Mayor)