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Incumbents decline to participate in LWV forums

LWV-Richardson has cancelled the planned forums for Texas House Districts 102 and 112.

The League of Women Voters of Richardson and cosponsor RISD Council of PTAs had planned to hold two candidate forums, for Texas House Districts 102 and 112. We invited all candidates to attend these forums, but the two incumbents, Linda Koop and Angie Chen Button, declined our invitation despite our offer to try to reschedule at their convenience.

Over the last month, we have publicly urged both incumbents to reconsider their refusal to participate in a League-sponsored candidate forum prior to the November election. Unfortunately, neither candidate has indicated a willingness to participate.

We regret that we have to announce the cancellation of both planned forums. The League of Women Voters has a long history of conducting fair and balanced candidate forums, but this isn't about the League + it's about the voters. We want to provide a platform for voters to learn about the people who will be on their ballot.

Research conducted on voter behavior shows not only that the public expect candidates to participate in voter education activities, but also that voters are more likely to vote when they know who the candidates are and where they stand on the issues. When candidates choose not to participate, it's the voters who lose and our democracy that is harmed.

We hope that in future elections, all candidates will recognize the importance of their participation in League of Women Voters candidate forums and Voters Guides.

LWV-Richardson received an email expressing concern about our decision to cancel these forums. Read LWV-Richardson's response here.